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Your Highness Strain

This strain tastes delicious, too. I’ve been smoking out of a Pax vape recently and I could really pick up the grassy goodness of Her Highness. Let’s just call it refined.

The high, on the other hand, was not as refined. In fact, it kicked my freaking ass after just a couple of hits. One hit in and I started to feel the effects, which is pretty impressive given how much I smoke to avoid falling into a 2020 pit of despair lately. Two hits in and the body high was getting real.

I’m not exactly sure how this strain hit me as hard as it did, but it was a big ol’ whomp to the senses. My body felt tingly, my arms were pool noodles, and my brain found everything amusing. What I really found funny, though, was how quickly my eyelids went from open and normal to tiny little eyeball blinds that I couldn’t lift. They were definitely half-mast. Just catching a glimpse of myself and my dumb eyelids in the mirror set off a case of giggles.

And, once I’d laughed at myself hysterically like a maniac, I decided I was starving. The only problem was that I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to eat. I was also so high that I caught myself standing in the pantry (more than once) and staring at nothing and everything simultaneously. I ended up eating a crap ton of chips at some point, but I don’t know when.

What was interesting about this strain is that I didn’t have that drop-off or noticeable tapering off of effects that can happen with other high-THC strains. I stayed high for a very long time… like very long. Long enough to watch the entire “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” movie alongside my royal weed queen.

I must have fallen asleep at some point, but I truly don’t know when — I definitely went to bed high that night. But that’s OK! I like passing out while stoned. It’s the best kind of sleep. I woke up the next morning well-rested and relaxed.

So, in short, I choose Her Highness as my cannabis royal family. This strain deserves a crown, and I would even play stupid court jester if it meant I could hang out with Her Highness every day. Besides, all I’d have to do to entertain people in my jester role is smoke a bowl of this strain. My tiny, half-open stoner eyes alone would provide all the comedic relief necessary to keep my ass out of the dungeon. Sounds like the perfect setup to me

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